Typical flying lesson

SPORTFLIGHT Scotland students are met by their instructor in the clubhouse at Strathaven Airfield, where the lesson starts in our briefing room.
Let's take Ex6: Straight and Level Flying. The aim appears simple:To attain and maintain flight in a straight line and constant altitude. However, to achieve this we will need to have a full understanding of how the various controls and forces affect the aircraft.
After discussing how to fly "straight"(ie not going from side to side) and "level" (not going up and down), we then look at flying "straight and level"; at various airspeeds - so now we have to co-ordinate our use of the controls. 
And we explore different methods of checking that straight course, such as visual markers or compass heading. We also have to allow for drift, since usually the air we fly in is moving across the earth's surface in a different direction to the one we want to go in! And then there is the effect of different loads on our aircraft and the use of trimming devices.
Finally, in each lesson we introduce new aspects of airmanship, in this case the importance of a good lookout and regular checks of our aircraft, engine and fuel.
Now let's go flying and put that classroom work into practice in the air!