Insurance For Flying

IT is now a legal requirement for all pilots to carry third party public liability insurance and passenger liability cover.
At Sportflight Scotland, we are insured for £1,000,000 for bodily injury and third party liability through Lloyds broker CSP. A copy of the certificate is available for inspection at the airfield and can be viewed below..
This insurance covers student pilots while an instructor is in the aircraft with them: it also covers student pilots while they fly solo. We also carry full hull insurance, so in the case of any damage to aircraft the student is not liable.
You are responsible - if you want it - for arranging your own personal injury insurance if flying solo and for arranging your own hull insurance if flying your own aircraft. Neither of these are required by law. 
Learning to fly should not affect your life insurance premiums. In most cases, where insurers have wanted to raise the premium, specialist brokers - such as Stein Pilot Insurance - have found increased cover at a reduced cost!
Modern-day recreational aviation really is very safe.