Ground School for NPPL

JUST like with modern driving licences, there are written exams required as part of your flight training. All the papers are multiple choice and fairly straightforward.
The standard texbook to help you prepare is The Microlight Pilot's Handbook by Brian Cosgrove. It fully covers the five main topics: air law; principles of flight; navigation; weather; and human perfomance and limitations. 
Most of our students study this book alongside their flying training and then ask questions about items they have found difficulty with. There's no charge for this kind of advice - we want to foster a culture where people are willing to ask questions!
For areas where people have problems, or where students feel that a "refresher session" would be useful before their exams, we can run formal ground school classes. These cost £30 per hour.
We normally expect students to have passed their Air Law exam before being sent solo and their Navigation and Weather papers before their first solo cross-country navigation exercise.